Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why They Invented Safety Deposit Boxes

A residential burglary in Arizona netted quite a haul for the perpetrator. The details are a bit sketchy but it certainly seems someone had inside information. It would appear they had a limited time and knew enough to hit the storage room. Did they come in on a front-end loader? Think of the combine weight of it all:

The victim said that the following is missing from her home: 7,000 American Silver Eagle 1-ounce coins in plastic sleeves; 12 bags of silver nickels, dimes and quarters minted from 1920-1963; 15 South African Krugerrand gold coins; 20 10-pound bars of silver; 20 5-pound bars of silver; 30 American Gold Eagle coins with Canadian Gold Maple Leafs; 10-ounce and 6-ounce bars of silver with Johnson Matthey and Engelhard stamps; and $80,000 cash in bank envelopes.

The full story here.

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